eHealth Come to Expect the Best in Town.

At eHealth, we understand the significance of personalized healthcare and we ought to deliver it through our pharmacies. Our goal is expand to various communities to provide affordable healthcare!

Benefits of eHealth pharmacy

Affordable prices

eHealth pharmacies do not deal with third party distributors. All medicines are supplied directly from the brands to our warehouse. This ensures that there is no commission based selling and the patients are able to get medicines at a lower cost.

Home Deliveries

Get medicines at your doorstep with any fuss. Order refills through the eHealth ID App. Our pharmacists at eHealth will make sure you get the right medication at the right time.

Constant Updates

By tracking your healthcare diagnosis through our eHealth App and Portal, we will provide an update on when you need to refill your medicines.

Flexible Timings

Our pharmacies are open 24*7. Visit or call your nearest eHealth pharmacy for assistance.

Are you looking to upgrade or own a eHealth Pharmacy? Set up a pharmacy with eHealth and derive great benefits.