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eHealth Network Solutions

eHealth Network Solutions is established with a noble intention of providing authentic and genuine healthcare services to the people of India. In the past, companies have been established with a good intention of serving the society, however, these companies have transformed into commercial establishments and the morality has disappeared. This change can be due to partnerships, business expansion or competitive situations. eHealth Network Solutions is conceptualized to offer genuine, affordable and transparent healthcare services and these concepts are not subjected to change.

Technology Driven
Patient Focused


eHealth ID

eHealth ID is an universal medical ID that helps individuals access medical records when they want while availing all possible healthcare benefits.

With a goal to provide seamless healthcare services for individuals who fall under medium or below medium income levels eHealth ID was born. At eHealth our aim is make sure Healthcare services are accessible to everybody in rural as well as urban areas.

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eHealth Pro

eHealth Pro aims to unify the process of Healthcare system in hospitals through our web portals to bring every hospital staff into a single healthcare umbrella

Over the past few years healthcare industry has witnessed astounding advancements in terms of technology, treatment methodologies. Several large hospitals now use Healthcare Management System (HMS) and Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) for managing their patient medical records. But, this holds good only for one hospital and its registered patients.

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eHealth Super Speciality Clinics

eHealth super speciality clinics will be present across tier 2 and tier 3 cities and towns bringing specialised care closer to people across various strata of the society.

The wide network of eHealth multi-specialty clinics will be spread across the country and affordable healthcare services will be made available to communities who have no access to specialised services and expert doctors.

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eHealth Pharmacies

eHealth Pharmacies aim to eliminate commission based selling of medicines and help patients get genuine medication and benefits. Set up a pharmacy with eHealth for a higher ROI and benefits.

At eHealth, we understand the significance of personalized healthcare and we ought to deliver it through our pharmacies. Our goal is expand to various communities to provide affordable healthcare!

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eHealth Network Solutions aims to transform the approach towards healthcare in India, with patients being the center of focus and benefits directed towards them. Together let’s revolutionise the healthcare ecosystem in India through technology, reach and affordable care.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi