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eHealth is pioneering in creating the largest ecosystem for healthcare in india.

Our products, eHealth ID and eHealth Pro are aimed to provide affordable and authentic healthcare services for all the classes of people by creating space for a revolutionary healthcare system that brings the patient, doctor and the hospital together by integrating data securely and digitally into a single system.

Hear it from our Founder

Shiva Naidu Kondati
Shiva Naidu
CEO & Founder

Healthcare sector in India is diversifying dynamically, generating opportunities for emerging segments, be it providers, payers or medical IT. With growing competition, organisations are cognisant of new challenges and are looking to explore the latest business dynamics and trends impacting their segment. Our strategy is built on the existing priorities and solutions to cater to the next generations’ healthcare needs and to stand ahead amongst fraternity players. eHealth is a revolutionary step in today's rapidly advancing healthcare system in India, following the footsteps of the newly introduced government policies and compliances.

Initiating a unified system for better health, eHealth combines usage of electronic communication and information technology to empower various healthcare sectors. At eHealth, we provide world class infrastructure for all our services and solution models.

"Bringing the best of healthcare closer to the people who need it the most is our driving force."