eHealth Come to Expect the Best in Town.

The wide network of eHealth multi-specialty clinics will be spread across the country and affordable healthcare services will be made available to communities who have no access to specialised services and expert doctors.

Benefits of eHealth multi-speciality clinics

We are working towards providing affordable healthcare services to every person in India. Do you want to a part of this change?

Get diagnosed by the best doctors in the country

You will find Best Doctors in the Country at our eHealth Superspeciality Clinics who are integrated with our eHealth Pro.

Powered with eHealth pro

eHealth Superspeciality clinics are powered by eHealth Pro, India’s first ubiquitous EHR platform that integrates patient, physicians and pharmacies.

Healthcare services to every community

We are bringing eHealth Superspecialty Clinics to treat patients through out patient consultations and quality medicines at affordable prices to every community.

We build Partnerships

eHealth’s multispecialty clinics work in sync with eHealth Pharmacies, diagnostics providers and pathology labs to bring low cost and efficient services to both eHealth ID card holders and non members.

Franchise model

Calling all the entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in healthcare. Most cities and towns in India do not have access to affordable healthcare services. Set up a eHealth Super speciality clinic franchise and be a part of the change.

Come, join us! Set up a eHealth Multi-speciality clinic today.