eHealth Come to Expect the Best in Town.

Over the past few years healthcare industry has witnessed astounding advancements in terms of technology, treatment methodologies. Several large hospitals now use Healthcare Management System (HMS) and Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) for managing their patient medical records. But, this holds good only for one hospital and its registered patients.

eHealth Pro unified system that stores patient records so doctors and clinics can access information readily.

With eHealth Pro, you can manage all your patients records from various hospitals. What’s more? You can get all their medical records, prescriptions, treatment details, etc. that help you in better diagnosis. This portal is now available for physicals, diagnostic centers and hospitals.

Features of eHealth Pro


Every Doctor will have a login ID and password sent to them by their administrator. With these credentials they can login to the web portal or the mobile app.

eHealth Pro integrates with eHealth ID

The Doctors and the hospital will be able to connect to the eHealth ID portal and pull out patient’s information, previous health records. Once the new diagnosis is done, doctors have the option to upload new reports to eHealth ID pro which automatically syncs with the patient portal.

Dashboard View

When a doctors login in they gets a dashboard view to get a quick glimpse at their upcoming appointments, surgeries, notifications, discharges and any urgent requests.

Get access to your Out Patient Department

eHealth Pro enables physicians to search OPD patients based on dates, their OPD number, First Name and Last name. They get the access to a list of their OPD patients assigned to them.

Bills and Receipts

Invoices can be generated which are automatically synced with the patient portal.

Generate e-Prescriptions

The physician will be able to create prescriptions and upload patients medical reports from the website or mobile app which will sync with eHealth ID portal and patient.

Manage Surgery Schedules

Doctors will be able to review their surgery schedules for both OPD and IPD that are automatically be synced to their phone’s calendar. Based on the frequency of reminders set, a notification or alert will be triggered to alert the physician about the surgery.

Get access to your Inpatient department

Doctors can view schedules of their upcoming surgeries, assigned physicians along with the IPD number, Patient Number, IPD Patient status, medication, complaints, Intake/output record, Nurse progress note, IP Room transfer, Operation Theater, laboratory, discharge summaries and any specific comments. If any surgeries require operation in another hospital, the same will reflect in the summary.

Come join us! Let’s unify healthcare system together.