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Mr. Shiva Naidu Kondati established eHealth Network Solutions to provide transparent, authentic and evidence-based healthcare services in India. Shiva Naidu has conducted extensive study on India’s healthcare services market and recognized the urgent need for genuine, economical and high-quality medical services in numerous villages and towns. Shiva Naidu is a Post Graduate and has previous experience in operating successful business ventures in IT Infrastructure, Telecom and Irrigation sectors. By establishing eHealth, Shiva Naidu intends to create social responsibility in individuals and also provide them with an opportunity to invest time and money towards providing qualitative and genuine healthcare services in India. eHealth Network Solutions is building a new path to medical pit-stop in India!!

Crowd Funding for eHealth Network Solutions


11Mr. Shiva Naidu invites altruistic individuals who wish to invest in the noble cause of giving back to the society. Crowd Funding is an innovative and popular concept used worldwide to collate modest amounts by young entrepreneurs or start-up companies, who need seed capital or funding at early stage. Crowd funding is encouraged in many countries worldwide, as it acts as catalyst to spur entrepreneurship and assist in boosting economy. Irrespective of financial stature, individuals from all walks to life are invited to participate in the company’s journey of providing affordable, transparent and quality healthcare to people.

How much to invest?

You need not be necessarily rich to invest in us!!

eHealth Network Solutions invites like-minded individuals to invest amounts between 10,000 INR and 10,00,000 INR. Investors residing in any part of the globe can invest in eHealth subject to jurisdiction of local laws.

Financial and Legal Agreements

Upon mutual consent, the investor shall enter into a financial and legal agreement with eHealth and receive an acknowledgement for the same. This acknowledgement shall serve as a deposit guarantee document and shall be used as reference by both parties.

A cooling day period of 15 days and access of financial ombudsman is applicable after agreement. The investor shall receive an annual interest of 18% on the invested amount. The invested amount shall have a lock-in period of 3 and 5 years. However, investors can withdraw the amount prior to lock-in period subject to certain terms and conditions.

eHealth Network Solutions Investment Strategy

eHealth Network Solutions is established with a noble intention of providing authentic and genuine healthcare services to the people of India. In the past, companies have been established with a good intention of serving the society, however, these companies have transformed into commercial establishments and the morality has disappeared. This change can be due to partnerships, business expansion or competitive situations.

eHealth Network Solutions will use Crowd Funding to raise sufficient capital necessary for business development and expansion. Below image elaborates our business intention.

Investing Strategy

Software developement to optimize the operations and enhance profitability.

Further Strength the Marketing and PR efforts to spread

Hire personnel with industry exposurewho can enhance the eHealth eco-System

Improvise relations with Pharmaceutical companies with bulk deals and enhance profitability

eHealth Network Solutions is conceptualized to offer genuine, affordable and transparent healthcare services and these concepts are not subjected to change. Prominent investors and venture capitalists are not allowed to invest in eHealth.

The company has voted for Crowd Funding and has chosen common individuals as its investment partners, as Mr. Shiva Naidu visualized eHealth Network Solutions to be managed by a group of individuals who are with eHealth since its conception and strived hard to serve the people. The company will seek investments from any common man: private employee, government official, retired employee, house wife or small business man, who wish to bring a positive change in the society.

Mr. Shiva Naidu Kondati aspires that his innovative company, eHealth Network Solutions grows in leaps and bounds and has operations all over India. In the future, Shiva Naidu wants like-minded people to partake in the company’s operations and implement business decisions wisely.

Are you looking to invest in eHealth Network Solutions and be a part of bringing this innovative and ecosystem healthcare in India?